It’s been a weird few weeks (hence the increased blog posts).  In some ways it’s been tough, because a lot of quite traumatic memories have been dragged up, but ultimately, it’s been a time that’s confirmed how far I’ve come and how much better things are for me.  I’ve realised how just happy I am and […]

Fix you

Ever since everything happened with E, one of the things I have tried to do, some days with more success than others, is balance being honest with the children about what is happening, with protecting them as much as possible from hurt. I think I’ve got better at it as time has gone on.  In […]

Domestic Bliss

Over the years I have developed complex relationships with my domestic appliances. Sad as it may sound, to me, they’re not just machines they’re domestic companions (to whom I’m largely grateful – I wouldn’t like to attempt the laundry for six people by hand). Whilst they’ve broken down over the years (who wouldn’t, given the […]

Last Times

I saw an advert for the brand of washing powder I used when the children were babies the other day.  Out of nowhere, as if it was yesterday, I vividly remembered its smell and inhaling it as I held my children. I could see the damp washing as it tumbled out of the machine and feel its coolness on […]