The children’s reactions to E’s decision to withhold payment of the money were varied. Apart from Oldest Daughter, I didn’t tell them what had happened for a week or so.  To be honest, I was hoping that E had forgotten, or was just making a point before he paid the money.  When it became clear […]


In lots of ways Sober March was going quite well.  I was walking 3-4 kilometers a day, I was making sure I ate loads of fruit and vegetables (ever one for a challenge, I’d set myself a target of 10 portions a day, just to see if it was possible) and, whilst I was still […]


So far I’ve only talked about P in passing, along with O, K and Forum Post Woman, as ‘the other women’.  I haven’t allocated any real importance to her or any emotion towards her, and that’s because, I genuinely don’t really feel very much about her. I know some women would, quite understandably, feel anger, […]

Slippers and rats

If looking for a job was daunting, attending interviews was utterly terrifying. Once I’d stopped shaking, my first interview in 20 years was actually ok.  The two woman who interviewed me were lovely and all in all I was glad to get it under my belt.  I didn’t get the job, but they did send […]